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фабрика троллей савушкина 55 - kostyad
фабрика троллей савушкина 55
Оригинал взят у turtaniat в post
Российские пропагандоны взялись за финскую журналистку-расследователя. Как это знакомо.

In 2014, I realised there was a new phenomenon of Russian information warfare. This was anonymous or fake profiles spreading propaganda on social networks - Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter. I wanted to find out what kind of influence and impact they actually have in Finland, on freedom of speech and public debate.
I asked Finnish people to tell me about their experiences.
[Soon after], propagandists started to spread fake information about me in Russian information spaces. I was framed as some kind of foreign agent or foreign spy. My contact information was put online along with that disinformation. This is the worst problem: some people actually believe it and they contacted me, and called me, and sent nasty text messages and threatening phone calls. So that's where it started. This was September 2014 and it's still going on. And it has gotten so twisted and disturbing.


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